TENA Lady Pants

- with Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture. Designed to let your customers be themselves.

Your customers need protection that fits in with their lives

At TENA, we believe that no-one should be caught out by little leaks. For customers who regularly use pads, wearing pants can feel like a large step.

However, by not using the right protection, your customers may be compromising on their top 3 needs:[2]

  • Leakage security
  • Odour control
  • Comfort

TENA Lady Pants’ new underwear-like design provides:

  • improved discretion and fit
  • softer and more comfortable feeling 
  • extra security when needed 

Offering Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture, TENA Lady Pants keep women feeling dry and secure, while letting them be themselves. 

Our underwear-like lady pants, preferred by your customers

Over twice as many women prefer our new TENA Lady Pants. [3]

  • 95% of women were satisfied with the leakage security. [3]
  • 94% of users felt the odour controll met their needs. [3]
  • 88% of women felt the new TENA Lady Pants were discreet. [3]


A wide range of innovative features

Now with a new, feminine print design, TENA Lady Pants are our most underwear-like pants ever. The pants have a range of innovative features that help to keep your customers feeling dry, secure and confident every day.

  1. Contemporary feminine print and back indication design.
  2. More core elastics for improved fit.
  3. Breathable cotton-soft fabric for look and feel of underwear.
  4. Super Absorption Zone for optimum dryness.
  5. New integrated leakage barriers for optimum security.
  6. Fresh Odour ControlTM with unique micro-fresh pearls that reduce the development of odour.



1Users aged 35-45 years. Other solutions include female sanitary liners and products, medication, surgery, adding tissue and makeshift materials inside underwear, no solution; IPSOS Brand health tracking, US, FR, UK, DE, 2010.
2Management Summary TENA Sports France and Germany, Essity Hygiene and Health AB, 2014.
3Study of 90 users comparing new TENA Lady Pants to our previous TENA Lady Pants product. Customer Product test, L1 2014.