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    With over 60 years’ experience supporting carers, TENA understands the reality family carers face. Dealing with incontinence is just one of the challenges. Family carers experience many other physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding situations. Our ‘No Love Like It’ campaign has been created to give the millions of family caregivers across the globe the support and recognition they deserve. Carers do an amazing job, and we want to everything we can to support them. TENA invite all pharmacists to join in on this. 


    The opportunity

    Millions of people care for a loved one – as many as 1 in 5 adults and research carried out by TENA indicates that 72% of carers prefer to shop for incontinence products at pharmacies, where they expect a better incontinence product offer and have the option of talking to specialist staff who can make product recommendations tailored to their loved one’s needs. 

    TENA is here to support pharmacists in improving the customer experience for carers. Whether it’s helping a carer choose the right incontinence product or educating carers about incontinence-related skin irritation, pharmacists are in a privileged position to guide family carers to the right incontinence solutions for their loved ones. This means more satisfied customers who are more likely to shop repeatedly with you.

    TENA ProSkin to maintain skin health

    Dealing with incontinence is an especially tough part of caring for a loved one. If urine leakage isn’t dealt with quickly, it can lead to skin irritation. Skin irritation, such as Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD), is a source of discomfort for the person experiencing it and a source of stress for the person looking after them. The TENA ProSkin pants absorb urine in seconds, keeping skin drier and better protected.

    TENA ProSkin Pants: Absorbs in seconds, to keep skin dry

    TENA ProSkin Pants: Absorbs in seconds, to keep skin dry

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    Recommending the right product for carers

    Not sure which product to recommend? Don’t worry, we’re help to help. Use TENA’s product selector tool to guide you in recommending the best products for carers’ needs. 

    Other ways to support

    Driven by research into the biggest challenges carers experience, we’ve created some resources to help you support your customers with the emotional and practical challenges caregiving brings when family carers come looking for advice  beyond incontinence products. Pointing them in the right direction can educate them, connect them with other carers and give them a boost of confidence.  

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