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TENA products certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

With TENA products with Nordic Swan Ecolabel, know confidently that you have made the right choice for sustainable incontinence care.

We realize how important it is for you as a health care professional to know easily and confidently which products are the most sustainable. To help you make the right choice, we are complementing our sustainability efforts by certifying TENA products with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

The Nordic Swan Criteria for Absorbent Products

  • Non-presence of classified substances
  • Production requirements on certain materials, for instance pulp
  • Product composition and packaging
  • Product function matching market standards

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Introducing the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

What is the Nordic Swan Ecolabel?

  • One of the world’s toughest and most recognized environmental certifications 
  • The official ecolabel of the Nordic countries 
  • Established in 1989 by the Nordic Council of Ministers to make it easy to make environmentally sound choices 
  • Follows the ISO 14024 standard

How TENA achieved the certification

How TENA Achieved the Certification

TENA products already fulfilled most of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria. Certification is a natural step for TENA since the Nordic Swan evaluates the environmental impact of a product in key phases of its life cycle. We work even broader and have analyzed the full life cycle and impact of our products for decades. By adding the certification we provide an additional tool to make it easier for you to evaluate the sustainability of our products.

By securing the share of renewable raw materials and increasing the share of recycled pack material along with the usage of Nordic Swan approved pulp we qualified for the certification. Naturally, TENA products still have the same leading function, efficiency and safety as before.

From cradle to grave - TENA is committed to sustainability

Ecolabelling our products is part of our broad, internationally recognized sustainability efforts. As the global leader in incontinence care, TENA has long experience of working with a full life cycle perspective. We assess in accordance with the ISO 14040-series.

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How to best evaluate the sustainability of an incontinence product

Looking at ecolabels is a good start, however should be combined with an evaluation of the suppliers' overall sustainability efforts:

  • Ecolabels (ISO 14024) and/or other third-party validation such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) (ISO 14025)
  • The full product life cycle perspective (ISO 14040-series)
  • How suppliers work holistically to ensure the most efficient product use (ISO 15621)

This way you will know for sure that your supplier works in a structured way with sustainability throughout the product value chain.

How do you best evaluate the sustainability of an incontinence product

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

The Environmental Product Declarations for all TENA absorbent products in Europe show their environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle. They show carbon footprint, and are verified and certified by an independent third party.

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What are the ISO standards?

ISO 15621

Correct product choice and usage is crucial for sustainability, reducing leakage, waste and workload, as well as improving user well-being. To help our customers get this right, TENA has developed holistic solutions in accordance with ISO 15621. To learn more about the proven results our approach delivers, read about our integrated offering TENA Solutions and our digital solution TENA Identifi™.

ISO 14040-series

The ISO 14040 is a series of international standards describing the requirements, principles and framework for life cycle assessment (LCA) including scope, goals, impact assessment, reporting and critical review. TENA systematically assesses the impact of all products in accordance with these standards.

ISO 14025

This ISO standard establishes the principles and specifies the procedures for developing environmental declarations. TENA uses this standard to create environmental product declarations for all absorbent products.