Inovace pro lepší péči o kontinenci

Naše odhodlání k inovacím se v TENA proplétá vším, co děláme. Tím, že v oblasti nových technologií a materiálů neustále posouváme hranice, mohou naše výrobky každý den zlepšovat životy milionům lidí.

Innovating through insight

With over 50 years of experience, we understand the far-reaching impact of incontinence and the need for personalised and effective continence care. At TENA, we are dedicated to evolving and innovating to meet needs and so we continuously invest in research and real-life insight. We understand that every situation is unique which is why we evaluate everything from quality of life to total continence cost. By innovating our high quality products and services to meet actual needs, we work with you to offer continence care that really makes a difference.

Innovating for better continence care

The future of continence care

TENA Identifi

By electronically tracking the resident’s voiding pattern during a 72-hour period, TENA Identifi provides valuable insights that can enable you to improve continence care. TENA Identifi is the innovation that revolutionises continence care for both resident and caregiver. 

  • Improved quality of life for the resident
  • Optimised toilet routines
  • Minimised time spent on manual assessments
  • Optimised product selection
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TENA Identifi

TENA Slip and TENA Comfort with ConfioAir™

At TENA we understand the challenges of maintaining healthy skin. TENA Slip and TENA Comfort with ConfioAir™ are fully breathable innovations that are secure, comfortable and gentle on the skin. 88% of all carers noticed skin benefits when using the TENA Slip with ConfioAir™. [1]

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TENA Slip and TENA Comfort with ConfioAir™

TENA Wet Wash Glove

TENA Wet Wash Glove provides comfortable effective full body cleansing without using soap or water. The TENA Wet Wash Glove works especially well with immobile individuals or those who are afraid of water.  TENA Wet Wash Glove enables 25% better working postures for carers and up to 38% less time spent on the washing procedure. [2, 3]

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TENA Wet Wash Glove

TENA Solutions

At TENA, we are committed to providing better continence care for all. Our range of innovative products and best-practice care routines are designed to meet needs of your individuals and work environment, offering proven comfort, discretion and security. Our expert advice, training and support are tailored to your workplace to ensure you get the most out of our services.

TENA Solutions

95 %

“Where TENA Solutions is implemented around the world, the results show clear care improvement in 95% of the care homes.“ [1, 4]

Changing the future of continence care

We combine our extensive knowledge in the field of continence care and personal hygiene with new technology to create life-changing innovations. Our tailored solutions improve individual wellbeing, as well as the overall quality and effectiveness of daily care. For example, our TENA U-test detects urinary tract infections from within the pad; an innovative and significant improvement in the comfort and quality of life of individuals.

A breakthrough innovation

TENA U-test


1Product testing of TENA Slip with ConfioAir™ with 242 carers in three countries, 2013.
2Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports. Successful Pathways in Care Institutions, 2006 (English Extract).
3LOCOmotion, Knibbe & Knibbe. Summary of Results Washing Without Water, 2013.
4Essity Data on file; 181 TENA Solutions case studies around the world, mainly Europe but also the USA, Canada and China. 2011-13.