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Chytrá péče o kontinenci

Jako TENA věříme, že díky vzájemné spolupráci budete schopni efektivněji poskytovat tolik užitečnou péči. Prostřednictvím přístupu individuální péče a našich mimořádných řešení vás podporujeme při provádění efektivních pracovních postupů.

Proven outcomes

Our mission is to help you to provide compassionate and effective care for residents, while delivering efficiency for your care home. We do this by supporting you to individualise care and developing exceptional solutions, allowing you to find the right products and routines to meet each resident’s needs.

By always innovating for improved skin health, leakage security, working environment and environmental impact we enable you to, for example, reduce product consumption, costs and incontinence-related workload. This results in more time and budget for the rewarding care that benefits residents, staff and the overall care home.

TENA Smart continence management


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